Craig and Lisa's
US-395, US-50, US-6,  and US-95 Adventure

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Day 4 Map

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06/08/05 - Wednesday - US-50 and SR-722

We would wake to find the day a wet one. We deployed all rain covers and donned full rain regalia, this time to stay dry, and said goodbye to Carson City in the rain.  I saw quite a few things early in the morning I would have liked to photograph, but the rain made it a bit difficult. For example the berm alongside the road through Salt Wells Basin is covered with messages written in roadbed rock. "marry me," "JB+CL," etc... 

US-50 to SR-722, then US-50 again to Austin. SR-722, part of the original US-50, made this leg of the trip. Met up with Brad from Elko, visited Stokes Castle and then continued on to visit an electricity-free ranch near a Pony Express Station. Had dinner with Brad at the Owl Club before he departed for home. 

Before we headed back to the Sundown Lodge for the evening, Lisa dropped by the gas station next door and picked up a free copy of the official Nevada State map. Niether on our AAA map or MS Streets and Trips, I spotted a short little dirt road on this new map going to a place called Lunar Crater that sparked my interest...hmmm...tomorrow perhaps?  264.4 miles for the day, of which at least 10 was dirt. -- Next, US-6 and Lunar Crater

rainbegins.jpg (52218 bytes)
And so the rain begins...
saltwellsbasin.jpg (30728 bytes)
Salt Wells Basin

See Pashnit
byebyeblm.jpg (37340 bytes)
Local issues: 
BLM not so popular?
nv722scurve.jpg (59933 bytes)
SR-722 near Carroll Summit.  
Find this curve in the map 
and sat image below:
carrollsummit.jpg (301392 bytes)
SR-722 is a must see and a 
far lonelier highway than US-50.
SR722.jpg (225018 bytes)
Here you can see the cool 
twists before Carroll Summit.

Stokes Castle outside Austin. At 
the gas station below is where we 
met Brad, another V-Strom Forum  
enthusiast from Elko. We have had 
wonderful fortune finding good riders 
to share the trip along the way. It's 
hard to consider it a lonely highway 
with such good company.

stokescastle.jpg (46340 bytes)

ranchroadclouds.jpg (29384 bytes)
More ominous clouds lie ahead
on the ranch road north

bradondirt.jpg (29556 bytes)
Brad on dirt.
lisabradponyxp.jpg (45162 bytes)
Brad and Lisa take a pose 
where the original Pony 
Express route crosses
the ranch road
lisaponyxp.jpg (41424 bytes)
Lisa simulates a horseless 
Pony Express Rider.
stromsponyxp.jpg (34625 bytes) ranchroadponyxp.jpg (33966 bytes)
tractor.jpg (38926 bytes) earthroof.jpg (36637 bytes)

ranchdog.jpg (46106 bytes) bradwithcat.jpg (50441 bytes)
Getting to know the favorite 
animals of the ranch...

overgrown.jpg (78311 bytes)
An overgrown rear building 
entrance on US-50 in Eureka
collonade.jpg (34882 bytes)
An abandoned hotel behind 
the Sundown Lodge

Next, US-6 and Lunar Crater

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