Craig and Lisa's
US-395, US-50, US-6,  and US-95 Adventure

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Day 1 Map

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06/05/05 - Sunday - San Diego to Bishop

Started early to avoid as much San Diego and San Bernardino traffic as possible. Light drizzle on I-15 and I-215 to Cajon pass, then dry and extremely gusty winds for the remainder of the day on US-395 to Bishop.  Highlight of the ride was a side trip to Whitney Portal. Most notable expereince was executing a sweeping gentle right-hand curve in the road while leaning 10 degrees to the left (due to severe side winds). Funniest inside moments were posing for a photo in front of the Cartago town sign and getting hotel room directly behind Verizon microwave tower. Picked up some goodies at Schat's Bakery, including a chocolate-chip pound cake we ate for the next four nights.  389.5 miles for the day -- Next, Bodie and SR-4

train.jpg (80547 bytes)
Yes, there are still trains you
have to wait for, even in California. 
US-395 south of Ridgecrest.
cartago.jpg (134210 bytes)
, US-395 by Owen's
Dry Lake (not the one east of 
San Jose, Costa Rica)
reststoptrees.jpg (179456 bytes)
A break at the Eastern Sierra 
Visitor Center Rest Area. What 
you see when you lay down on 
one of the picnic tables.
whitney.jpg (118486 bytes)
A more horizontal view from the 
Eastern Sierra Visitor Center 
Rest Area.
 whitneyportalroad.jpg (107318 bytes)
The climb on Whitney 
Portal Road.  
 owensvalley.jpg (112653 bytes)
The view to Owen's Dry Lake 
below. Note the dust kicked up 
from the wind across the lakebed.
atwhitneyportal.jpg (153445 bytes)
The star of the show takes 
a break amongst the pines.
bluejay.jpg (109300 bytes)
A blue jay takes notice 
of our snacks.
bluejaylisa.jpg (104152 bytes)
Lisa finds the local birds 
eager to grab a bite of food. 
bearwarning.jpg (112507 bytes)
Looks like someone else 
might come by for a snack 
if we stick around too long!
mappocket.jpg (111448 bytes)
The map pocket got  some relief 
from the crosswinds with a little 
help from these bungees.
jackwet.jpg (63402 bytes)
Jack needs a new mouth 
after the morning drizzle. 
He's seen the trip plan and is 
now having second thoughts 
about hitching on a dual-sport.
verizontower.jpg (73658 bytes)
Our room at the El Rancho Motel. 
Never far from work, we're right 
below a Verizon microwave  
tower. Good coverage!
elrancho.jpg (48952 bytes)
Surrounded by mountains on 
two sides, Bishop at dusk is
remarkable. It was still light as 
we walked back from the 
movie theater.

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