Craig and Lisa's
US-395, US-50, US-6,  and US-95 Adventure

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Day 2 Map

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06/06/05 - Monday - Bishop to Jackson

It was quite warm in Bishop as we fueled up for the climb to Bodie. We could barely justify sweatshirts under our mesh jackets. Within 30 miles we pulled over to put on our rain gear; this time not for rain, but for windbreak. As we were about ready to pull out we spotted a V-Strom going by in the back of a pick-up. We caught up a few minutes later and got a friendly wave. In Bodie we were nearly the only ones dressed appropriately. bodiestands.jpg (102110 bytes) At about 9000 feet in elevation, you would think people might figure wearing shorts could be cold. Flagged down another DL650 crossing over SR-4 (thought momentarily it might have been John from Reno trying to intercept us early). Turned out to be Mark from Valley Springs, whom we had never met. He had started the day at Great Basin, NV! SR-4 was  like a Winter Twisty Wonderland. Unbelievable views and lakes still half-frozen over. We met up again with Mark for the descent and he led us down through Avery and on to San Andreas before he turned off for home. Great rider, great pace! Met John in Jackson for an outstanding dinner at Theresa's Restaurant. 291.9 miles for the day, of which 6 miles were a dirt/gravel combo. -- Next, SR-88 and Tahoe

A note about the gear... Lisa and I needed to be outfitted for a temperature range of 48 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite a challenge for a couple committed to ATGATT*, and needing to travel light. We both layered with silk long underwear, REI zip-off pants, JR Phoenix armored pants, and rain pants. The top was similar, silk long underwear, t-shirt, REI Sun Shirt, sweatshirt, mesh armored jackets (Fieldsheer and JR Cleo), bright colored Helly Hanson rain jackets (breathable polyurethane coating). Armored layers always worn, other layers used as appropriate. In addition to summer motorcycle gloves, Tour Master cold weather gloves were carried along with a JR Sahara vest for the passenger. I was thoroughly pleased with the comfort level this combination of gear provided. Not necessarily suitable for artic travel, but it's amazing how warm you can stay with mesh  riding gear if correctly layered.

*All The Gear, All The Time!!

snowcoveredsierras.jpg (86862 bytes)
We're going to cross those? 
Twice?!? How many layers  
can we put on?
monolake.jpg (100868 bytes)
Mono Lake is pretty darn full 
these days compared to our 
last visit in 1999.
powerrangers.jpg (107382 bytes)
Power Rangers. All set for 
another day of flags and 
windsocks flying fully extended. 
bodiedirttwisties.jpg (100351 bytes)
Dirt twisites to Bodie. 3 miles 
of just about everything; hard
pack dirt, washboard and soft
sandy spots, gravel finish. 
Doable on most any bike, 
but better on a 'Strom.
bodielean.jpg (102970 bytes)
Lean on me in Bodie
bodiediniing.jpg (98040 bytes)
Lot's of stuff was 
left behind.
bodiegear.jpg (125975 bytes) bodiewagon.jpg (145768 bytes)
bodieshop1.jpg (122140 bytes) bodieshop2.jpg (110853 bytes)
bodieoperations.jpg (126134 bytes) bodiewoodandbrick.jpg (124594 bytes)
bodiebottles.jpg (114323 bytes) bodiewood.jpg (164621 bytes)
bodiechurch.jpg (86434 bytes)
Is Lisa a day late 
for church?
bodiestands.jpg (102110 bytes)
Score: Materials 10,
Engineering 3.
bodietools.jpg (181807 bytes)
Put your tools away or 
they'll rust.
bodiefieldtrip.jpg (62601 bytes)
A class field-trip to Bodie. Notice the 
shorts? (on a teacher even, brrrr)
meetingmark.jpg (92364 bytes)
Craig flags down Mark on the 
east side of SR-4 
sr4llisa.jpg (102110 bytes)
It looks cold because it is!

See Pashnit
sr4lake.jpg (115175 bytes)
The bike takes an 
unneeded break.
elcampocasa.jpg (22991 bytes)
Lisa's sister who lives near Campo 
should find this funny! Our resting 
place in Jackson.

Next, SR-88 and Tahoe

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