Some San Diego Travels of a Fine Suzuki V-Strom

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San Diego Essentials

April 2006 Rides
It's been a bit impossible to post detailed
info about April. I've mostly been riding to 
keep up, so I've not had too much chance 
to document tracks and post GPX routes 
and the like. Here's a few ADVrider
threads on rides I've been on: 
Slug Ride 4/1
 and Lost Valley. 

Oh yea, I met Glen (Striking Viking) and
he asked me ride alongside him as he 
led 60 bikes north from the border to 
downtown San Diego for lunch at Dick's
Last Resort, celebrating his triumphant
return from a solo round-the-world 
motorcycle journey. Why me? I knew 
the best directions.

At the end of the month we rode to the 24th
Laughlin River Run with my in-laws. Lisa
and I did a side-trip to the Petroglyphs 
at Grapevine Canyon. Also enjoyed 
routes along old Route-66 to Oatman
and on to Kingman.

p4271011e.jpg (119040 bytes)
Behind old Harleys in Oatman

p4090876e.jpg (198446 bytes) 62930317e.jpg (229047 bytes)
Self-portrait near Mecca and
working the sand somewhere
north of Campo
62932863e.jpg (329153 bytes)
"dustjunkie" and "sandiegoland"
descending a volcanic plateau
near Jacumba
(photo Zen Slug)
p4090833e.jpg (243152 bytes)
North of Warner Springs with
Matt, Matt, & Michael B.
p4020795e.jpg (131709 bytes)
Glen (and local Dakar rider 
John) in San Ysidro
p4281047e.jpg (134701 bytes)
Grapevine Canyon
p4281073e.jpg (121106 bytes)
Near Christmas Tree Pass

Otay TT & Border Trails - 03/19/06
Wet, saturated roads. I brought a knife to a 
gunfight (no knobbies). Great experience in
bike handling, but Torrances are no match
for clay like mud and steep grades. Finally
though, after nearly 17,000 miles, my 
DL650 is prepped for flush mount blinkers.
Not another scratch. Thanks handguards!

More at

p3190661e.jpg (136763 bytes)
Dirty twisties descending 
to Barrett Junction
61195908-M.jpg (96733 bytes)
Cottonwood Creek near the
US-Mexico Border
(photo Randy)

Lusardi TT - 02/25 & 02/26/06
The track and photo set for Lusardi 
Truck Trail can be found at
The rest of the weekend was retracing
steps from an earlier run and scoping
out a good overlook for Mocogo
Ranch in the Otay BLM zone.

p2250539e.jpg (120188 bytes)
Northbound on Eagle Peak Rd
p2260561e.jpg (156606 bytes)
Spur road over Mocogo Ranch

Pine Creek Road - 02/18/06
Complete track and more photos at
First snow of the season. Headed up
Pine Creek Road to avoid traffic. 
Enjoyed a gorgious view of the snow 
sprinkled peaks above the desert floor 
near Oasis Springs.


p2180440e.jpg (138937 bytes)
Near the top of
Nobel Canyon
p2180441e.jpg (122427 bytes)
Notice the snow 
covered cactus?
p2180445e.jpg (71406 bytes)
p2180446e.jpg (102655 bytes)
Panormic View near Oasis Springs off Sunrise Highway (CR-S1)

Back to Otay - 01/07/06
Jeremy returned with me to the Otay BLM area 
to scout out a few routes I was curious about. It 
was good to ride with him again (see his 
Oregon Deer Incident
). The tracks we rode 
were probably the extent of what I would attempt 
on the V-Strom with Tourances (combination of 
clearance and traction). 

p1070386e3.jpg (106770 bytes)
Jeremy hopping
down the road
p1070396e.jpg (208899 bytes)
"Watch Out!"
"Don't expose your life to the elements"
"It is not worth the trouble!"

Boulder Creek Road & Nate Harrison Grade - 12/29/05
GPS tracks at  - 2UP adventure riding to Julian the back way on Viejas Grade Road and 
Boulder Creek Road and climbing Palomar Mountain the old way on Nate Harrison Grade. 

pc290283e.jpg (76333 bytes)
View along Boulder 
Creek Road
pc290310e2.jpg (244733 bytes)
Oak shaded switchback on 
Nate Harrison Grade
pc290314e.jpg (74148 bytes)
Above the cloud cover at
Boucher Lookout

Campo to Tecate on the Border - 12/28/05
GPS tracks at - Rugged border terrain. Tunnel #4 and the bridge over Campo Creek 
in Stony Canyon for the "Impossible Railroad," the San Diego & Arizona Railway. 

pc280210e.jpg (77091 bytes)
Border fence
near Campo
pc280223e.jpg (76437 bytes)
Rough terrain
pc280228e.jpg (95451 bytes)
SDAR tunnel #4 and bridge
over Campo Creek
pc280273e2.jpg (177182 bytes)
DL-650 at home near
Otay Mountain

Otay Mountain - 12/17/05 & 12/18/05
Crawling the mountain for two days. Found two roads to the border and also a nice spot overlooking
Marron Valley and the Tijuana River. Commanding views of the border area would be even more 
spectacular on a clear day. GPS Data: Google Earth File and GPX File More photos and 
comments at ADVrider. Files also posted at GPXchange for easy viewing with topographic maps.

pc170027e.jpg (177081 bytes)
Panoramic view of Otay National Cooperative Land and Wildlife Management Area
pc180124e.jpg (203891 bytes)
Panoramic view of Marron Valley and the Tijuana River.
pc180087e.jpg (32324 bytes)
View from Otay Mountain 
to Cerro Jesus Maria
pc170039e.jpg (61129 bytes)
Lots of corner
mirrors for a road
with no traffic
pc170057e.jpg (89001 bytes)
Border Monument
southwest of 
Otay Mountain
pc180142e.jpg (94023 bytes)
A well used Cadillac and
bathtub on the ridge road 
to Marron Valley

Exploring - 12/10/05 & 12/11/05
Wildcat Canyon, Featherstone Canyon, San Vicente Oaks Road (or Painted Rock Road). Watching
Paragliders at Kwimee Point off Sunrise Highway. Fragments of the 1875 Stage Route just east of 
Barrett Junction.
More photos and comments at ADVrider. Stage Route added to GPXchange for 
easy downloading and viewing with topographic maps.

pc100438e.jpg (109517 bytes) pc100458e.jpg (131344 bytes) pc100489e.jpg (55197 bytes) pc110536e.jpg (85390 bytes)

miller.jpg (50694 bytes)Some GPS Practice out East - 12/04/05
Chilly gusts thin out the bike traffic, but the clear skies make it all 
the more inviting for a nice day of exploring the southern stretches 
the county. 

pc040392e.jpg (142089 bytes) pc040389e.jpg (74857 bytes) pc040400e.jpg (195400 bytes) pc040416e.jpg (122299 bytes)

Beyond East San Diego County - 11/25/05

pb250296p2.jpg (306478 bytes)
View to Borrego Springs from Montezuma Pass, CR-S22
pb250308p.jpg (90891 bytes)
View to Clark Dry Lake off CR-S22

East (really East) San Diego County - 11/08/05

110805.jpg (126621 bytes)
Some more comments 
about SR-94 and Old Highway 80 
at in 
"Along the Southern Border"

Made one last round of 
the county before Andy 
had to head back home. 
The weather was perfect 
for a run down CR-S2 
and SR-94. Desert 
Tower, always a 
pleasure...  the new 
owner has really done 
a great job to keep this
landmark in shape! 

pb080147es.jpg (85183 bytes)
Desert Tower

San Diego 250 & Buell Chasing - 11/05/05 & 11/06/05

SanDiego250.jpg (108155 bytes)
Full Route Plan:
San Diego 250
pb050120e.jpg (123630 bytes)
Mechanical stop sign man
Motor Transport Museum
pb050119e.jpg (111775 bytes)
Chain-drive Mack truck used 
in the movie "The Aviator" 

Andy and I completed the entire San Diego 250  
route from start to finish on Saturday. There was 
not a cloud in the sky to be seen and we also had 
a chance to stop off and visit the Motor Transport 
Museum housed at the Campo Mill property 
(31949 Highway 94, Campo, 91906). On Sunday 
I met up with Devin to see his new Buell and I got 
the chance to scout out how far Wisecarver Truck
Trail goes on my way back. 

pb050114e.jpg (80435 bytes)
Water Tower at
the Campo Mill
pb060128e.jpg (49916 bytes)
The clouds on
Sunrise Highway
pb060125e.jpg (72192 bytes)
Devin's new Buell on 
Sunrise Highway

pb060130e.jpg (77642 bytes)
Wisecarver Truck Trail is
gated 3.9 mi north of Skyline 


South County, San Diego - 10/29/05 & 10/30/05
Lyons Valley Road, SR-94,
Lawson Valley Road, Honey Springs Road, 
Deerhorn Valley Road, Mother Grundy Truck Trail 

More Comments and more Photos at

pa300076e.jpg (114739 bytes)
Mother Grundy Truck Trail
sense of humor
pa300082e.jpg (140129 bytes)
West leg of
Mother Grundy
pa300085e.jpg (85421 bytes)
V-Strom pose
pa290067e.jpg (125163 bytes)
Pick the right 
Tool for the job
pa300068e.jpg (105527 bytes)
Castle view from Deerhorn 
Valley Road

Mother Grundy Truck Trail is steeper on the west leg. 
I'll start from that direction next time. You see new stuff when 
you flip around!

Proctor Valley Road is still a bit of a snore, but good 
practice for running crowned twisting dirt roads. Visibility is 
not 100% around all the turn
s, so you have to negotiate a few 
banks on the "wrong slope". Big gravel "dump" to cross on 
the west  end, probably the hardest 30 yards of the day.

San Diego 250 - 10/15/05
Lyons Valley Road, 94, Old Highway 80, Sunrise Highway, Banner Grade, Yaqui Pass,
Montezuma Pass (The Glass Elevator), Palomar, Mesa Grande, Wynola Road,
Boulder Creek Road, Engineers Road, Cuyamaca, Japatul Valley Road.

SanDiego250.jpg (108155 bytes)
Full Route Plan:
San Diego 250
pa160040e.jpg (139163 bytes)
Not that trucks are bad...
pa160044e.jpg (124342 bytes)
Prelude to a hairpin 
on Lyons Valley Road
p9210274e.jpg (103334 bytes)
Along Japatul 
Valley Road
pa160021a.jpg (188073 bytes)
View due East from Kwimee-Point off the Sunrise Highway
pa150014ae.jpg (216299 bytes)
View of Lake Henshaw from Palomar East Grade Road
pa160027a.jpg (252109 bytes)
View of a Crouch Valley on the Sunrise Highway

...see More San Diego Adventures from earlier in 2005...

Craig, Philip & Devin on Boulder Creek Road

Craig fording the creek