A Few Things We've Done to Keep in Shape

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My Modifications and Replacements:

f2f8.jpg (50383 bytes)

1. Motovation Frame Sliders (DL650)***
2. Givi Engine Guards (DL650)*
3. 3M Black Retro Reflective Decal Paper (DL650)
4. Softbag Support Bar (DL650; custom by Roland "vtwin")

5. Suzuki DL650/1000 Gel Seat (DL650)
6. MRA Vario Touring Wind Screen** (4th pos'n, 3rd click from max)
7. Nelson-Rigg SB-900 Touring Saddlebags
8. Marsee 15L Quick Release Teardrop Tankbag (DL650)
9. 4"ABS Storage Tubes (DL650; various lengths)
10. Shad SH37 Tailbox with Backrest (DL1000 sold)
11. Cortech Super Mini Magnetic Tank Bag (DL1000 sold)
12. IKEA Rens Sheepskin (as seatcovers)
13. Cortech Tail Bag (DL650)
14. Emgo Handguards (DL650)
15. Dan Vesel Skid Plate (DL650)
16. Pro Taper CR High Bend Handlebars
17. Duplicolor Black Bedliner on Cowlings

* Bars removed 7/05 after 8K service 
** Rider is 6'3" tall, 36" inseam. Helmets: KBC VR1 & HJC CL-14
*** Protection questionable. Left them on for occasional foot stretch 

Black DL650K4
San Diego House
of Motorcycles
MPG: 46.195
Black DL1000K5
San Diego House
of Motorcycles
MPG: 36.996
(Sold 4/06)

Emgo Handguards - 10/14/05
Aluminum framed handguards and bar end protection. Sturdy, clean lines, kit came complete 
from Adventure MotoStuff

pa160036e.jpg (41923 bytes)
Cut off brake lever ball, 
sanded end smooth

pa160039e.jpg (94746 bytes)
Left support bracket under 
clutch cable, right bracket
flipped and over brake line

pa160035e.jpg (71275 bytes)
Cut only half of clutch lever
ball off, rounded and sanded
end smooth
pa160037e.jpg (83971 bytes) pa160034e.jpg (112631 bytes) pa160038e.jpg (96478 bytes)
The Emgo lines blend clean on the V-Strom. 
I run the guards level, regardless that my 
preference is to angle my levers down. 
 Tech Day at Jack's - 7/2/05. Tire Change & Balance.   
P7020006e.jpg (87598 bytes) P7020001e.jpg (139638 bytes)  P7020002e.jpg (72716 bytes) P7020011e.jpg (105506 bytes)
Letting the tires soak up some sun and soften up a bit. 
removal: (consult manual) first loosen bolts, clamp front brake,
lean forward on side stand, set down on portable jack stand under 
right-hand spool. Balancing the old fashion way on an MP balancer.
P7020012e.jpg (94254 bytes) P7020013e.jpg (97251 bytes) P7020014e.jpg (101818 bytes)
Front removal: (consult manual) put bike in gear, loosen bolts, lean rearward on side stand, set down on portable jack stand on engine. This made a good tripod, but if you have to jerk at the front end, either tie down the back or make sure someone is supporting the front from leaning forward. 
WARNING: exercise brakes after reinstalling wheels. Do so before engaging in any activity that may require immediate stopping (like anytime you ride a motorcycle!).

My light weight roadside rear-stand solution. 1 1/2" ABS Pipe capped with two PVC junctions (open ended). One junction is notched to rest inside the swing-arm spool. Saves me from the expense and also the added weight of two center stands (especially on multiple day multiple bike 2UP trips). wrap the front brake shut or chock up against a curb, tip the bike on the kickstand and set it down straight on this stand (easiest with two people). Lube up the chain and get on with life! P8190540e.jpg (83048 bytes)