Local Travels of a Fine Suzuki V-Strom

[About the First Half of 2005]

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Windscreen Test Runs - 07/30/05, 7/31/05 & 08/07/05
P7300473e.jpg (125808 bytes) P7310482e.jpg (33879 bytes) P8070520e.jpg (51382 bytes)
Lined up on 7/30. Clouds over Julian 7/31. Devin and Mark having second thoughts 
about proceeding up La Posta Truck Trail on 8/7 (lightning added for dramatic effect).

Route and Temperature Test - 07/24/05

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Mailboxes at Black Canyon Road in Mesa Grande. Ranchita dirt road.
    P7240460e.jpg (75741 bytes) P7240462e.jpg (147711 bytes) P7240468e.jpg (40713 bytes)
 CR-S3, Yaqui Pass. Teddy Bear Cholla (Cylindropuntia bigelovii)
Funny sign on CR-S1, Sunrise Highway.

2 Stroms, 2 Rides - 07/19/05 & 7/20/05
Twisites between Ramona and Julian on 78 Dark Mystery Man on the DL1000 072005.gif (29326 bytes) After 100 miles, a full convert to Stromism
Day 1(1UP): Twisting to Julian and a view from Kwimee-Point overlooking the desert
Lake Sutherland Craig, Lisa, Andy & Patricia at Kwimee-Point overlooking the desert Some drizzle found us over Pine Valley
Day 2 (2UP): Sutherland Lake Dam & the Group at Kwimee-Point. Storm rising over Pine Valley

2UP on the 4th (of July) - 07/04/05
obligatory V-Strom pose... single lane paved decent to Pine Valley View of Pine Valley
On the decent to Pine Valley
poodle-dog bush majestic oak tree gently twisting through the oaks... 070405.gif (27448 bytes)
Poodle Dog Bush and Oaks. Not to secret (anymore) route.

Truffle Tragedy - 05/28/05
Always use appropriate packaging when transporting Truffles by motorcycle. 39961 Old Highway 80
Wisteria Candy Cottage. 
Just running an errand to get chocolate for our sweathearts... honest.
Just running an errand for our
sweethearts... honest.
Truffles before motorcycle transport
Truffles before
motorcycle transport
The culprits
The culprits
(Devin, Craig & Jeremy) 
Truffles after motorcycle transport
Truffles after
motorcycle transport

Detour on Way to Gas Station - 05/27/05
We all dream of other places to ride... but San Diego is a great place 
to explore all year-round!
SanDiegoLand's DL650K4
Looking eastbound on El Monte Road
El Monte Road
caterpillar riding the double yellow line
caterpillar riding the double 
yellow line

High Desert Rats - 04/30/05
Three Amigos in search of bad weather. No such luck anywhere. Photos by Bob. 
Bob & Craig in front of the Glass Elevator
Bob & Craig in front of the 
"Glass Elevator"
Devin & Craig at the S2 - 79 Junction
Devin & Craig at the 
S2-79 Junction

Boulder Creek Road and Beyond - 04/03/05
4 DL650's and 1 DL1000; take the average and you get a V-Strom DL720. Photos by Jack and Bob. 
Trip Plan | Map Actual

Craig, Philip & Devin on Boulder Creek Road
Craig, Philip & Devin on
Boulder Creek Road

Craig fording the creek
Craig fording the creek on
Boulder Creek Road

Jack, Devin, Philip & Craig approaching Engineers Road
Jack, Devin, Philip & Craig
approaching Engineers Road
040305.jpg (417397 bytes)
Actual Route