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09/10/05 - Saturday - Kanab to St. George

Well, we thought it would warm up. We took off in light gear but ended up bundling back into rain/windbreakers when we pulled over after 20 minutes and the thermometer in my pocket was still reading in the mid 50's. Kept good time the whole day. SR-143 had a sign at the beginning warning "THIS IS NOT US-89". That is an understatement. Long winters, logging trucks, snow plows and chains provided us a road that nearly oscillated us into submission. The scenes were worth the drive, but not a favorable 2UP motorcycle road by most measures. We lunched at Brian Head and could hardly fathom that this is the warmest time of the year. Burr. 

The ride through Zion (see video) was made for motorcycles and convertibles - the breathtaking scenes are almost all "up". After an hour of riding into the setting sun on the way out, we got a tad weary as we then had to zigzag through St. George to snag two of the last three rooms in town. I won't say who was having a convention there, but they used up a lot of accommodations.  300+ miles for the day.
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KanabStGeorge.jpg (118620 bytes)

Tip 4: Lisa recommends books on CD for the passenger. They keep the mind exercised on those long stretches of western highways. Anti-shock CD players with an inline remote can be found for $15 (batteries last 15 hours or so). If you have the time before the trip, preload the book on an even tinier MP3 player.

P9100205p.jpg (184030 bytes)
Natural Bridge
Bryce Canyon
Elev 8627 ft
P9100209.JPG (117993 bytes)
The owner described it as a 
Goldwing for the inseam 
challenged. Too cool!
P9100214.JPG (135030 bytes)
The "Grottos", Bryce Point

P9100225.JPG (158091 bytes)
Sunset Point
Bryce Canyon

P9100228.JPG (125503 bytes)
How the canyons
were really made
P9100229.JPG (158131 bytes)
Cedar Breaks
I approve this message
P9100236.JPG (138296 bytes)
Andy finds a project he 
must have
P9100237.JPG (126923 bytes)
One in Craig's price range
P9100239.JPG (84362 bytes)
Website if you're interested
P9100234.JPG (124363 bytes)
An overview of the inventory
P9100242.JPG (110326 bytes)
I get a good shot of 
Andy & Patricia in Zion
IMG_3141.jpg (47697 bytes)
Andy gets an even 
better one of us coming 
out of a tunnel!
(photo Andy)
P9100247.JPG (131067 bytes)
Remarkable Zion
P9100251.JPG (142050 bytes)
Same principal as 
our evaporate vests!

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