Grand Canyon South & North Rims and Beyond

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09/11/05 - Sunday - St. George to Palm Springs

Nice canyon drop on southbound I-15 just out of St. George, but soon after back to some side winds and heavier traffic before we found our southbound route along Lake Mead. Various conditions on SR-169 and SR-167, but much more pleasant than staying on the interstate. Took a little side trip over Hoover Dam (will return for the tour someday) and then double backed to drop down US-95 for lunch in Bullhead City before heading across the boundless desert towards Palm Springs via SR-62 (90 mile stretch after Vidal Junction with no fuel available!).   460+ miles for the day.

StGeorgePalmSprings.jpg (195133 bytes)

Tip 5: A good low tech way to keep cool is to pick up a bag of crushed ice when you stop for fuel. $2 gets a 7 pound bag. Put some ice in your hydration pack, put some more behind your neck to keep your evaporation vest trickle charged, and carry the rest for a short break 40-50 minutes down the road. If it's still hot in an hour and a half get another bag!

P9110252.JPG (101351 bytes)
Hoover Dam
P9110253.JPG (83616 bytes)
A closer examination 
of the Colorado River 
at Laughlin
P9110256.JPG (57812 bytes)
The second most 
interesting thing 
in Vidal Junction

P9110257.JPG (80808 bytes)  
Low-tech insurance.
Buy crushed ice in 
a plastic bag, $1.70 
every time you stop to 
fill-up in the desert!

P9110258.JPG (60501 bytes)
Wind Farms near Palm Springs
PalmSpringsSanDiego.jpg (151029 bytes)09/12/05 - Monday - Palm Springs to San Diego

Skipped the optional side trip to the tram (save for another trip). Late breakfast at Denny's. Clear run up "Pines to Palms Highway."  What few cars we approached were more than cooperative with the pull-outs. Cheated lunch and stopped at Santa Ysabel for pie and ice cream. Met a KLR-650 guy outside there named Bill who worked a summer as busboy in La Jolla over 40 years ago with someone Andy and Patricia knows down in Costa Rica. It is really a small world after all. Return to paradise (San Diego) in time to clean up the bikes and get caught up on whatever we've neglected for the past week.  150+ miles for the day.

P9120261.JPG (95140 bytes)
Eating pie and chatting with Bill


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