Grand Canyon South & North Rims and Beyond

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09/08/05 - Thursday - Flagstaff to Page

After a good breakfast at the Galaxy Diner in Flagstaff (AZ) we rode through the forest on US-180 (which turned out to be a nice alternate to the more frequently traveled SR-64 off of I-40). We topped our fuel off and picked up some sandwiches before taking our time to run the Grand Canyon's South Rim. We re-grouped at Desert View at 3:00pm for the run to Page (and Glen Canyon Dam). The ride across on US-64 and up SR-89 was a peaceful experience after an overwhelming day of mighty canyon viewing. SR-89 to Page (after the junction with SR-89 ALT) was a nice little climbing twisty surprise too. Maximum temperature recorded for the day was 84F225+ miles for the day.
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FlagstaffPage.jpg (161243 bytes)

Tip 2: Lisa says bring a small plastic bottle of soft soap and some lotion* (scented the same). It applies easier than hotel soap and you'll stay feeling clean longer. Keep a small tube of facial sunscreen handy, as you'll be reapplying that most often on a ride. The helmet padding scrubs sunscreen off the cheeks so be careful not to let yourself get burned there.

*Use moisturizer for extra dry skin, due to exposure to high winds and dryer air.
**For complete moisturizing after a long day, add some massage oil to your bath. A lot easier, and longer lasting, than applying lotion by hand.

IMG_2819.jpg (111586 bytes)
Breakfast at the Galaxy Diner
(photo Andy)
P9080039.JPG (125230 bytes)
Along side US-180 for a look 
at the fields blooming yellow.
P9080049.JPG (86806 bytes)
One of the first glances 
of the Grand Canyon
P9080051.JPG (72836 bytes)
Lisa's obligatory Grand Canyon 
pose. Note that someone on the 
left is pointing at something in the 
Canyon. How rude!
P9080074p.jpg (186788 bytes)
Everyone does panoramas 
of the Grand Canyon. 
I decided to vary a bit 
and do a vertical one.
P9080098C.jpg (76583 bytes)
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P9080079.JPG (139019 bytes)
ATGATT baby --
All The Gear, All
The Time
IMG_2860.jpg (116671 bytes)
Less hazardous wildlife
(photo Andy)
P9080099.JPG (65646 bytes)
The weather enhanced the 
"wow" factor for the day
P9080108.JPG (93252 bytes)
Near the Desert 
View Tower
P9080111.JPG (96165 bytes)
Andy's third and final 
field fix of Patricia's lid
P9080117.JPG (79544 bytes)
The Glen Canyon Dam.
Yes it is impressive!
P9080121.JPG (72077 bytes)
Lisa and Craig discover the best 
way to pose for a photo when 
suffering from severe helmet hair

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