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09/07/05 - Wednesday - San Diego to Flagstaff

Our crew of five on three V-Stroms started early from San Diego (CA) to reach the climb just beyond Congress (AZ) before the heat could take its toll. We kept to our ambitious goal despite losing time to a mechanical issue on a piece of safety gear. We conveniently ran across a Border Patrol checkpoint at 169 miles (SR-78), providing a facility for everyone to get their evaporation vests charged (temp at that point had reached 100F in the shade with less than 20% humidity). The maximum temperature recorded for the desert crossing was 111F. We stopped in Jerome at the Haunted Hamburger, but then missed reaching Oak Creek Canyon in daylight. The switchbacks were a tad chewed up and would have been a better run during daylight. SR-78, SR-89, and SR-89 ALT were good rides. 460+ miles for the day. 
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SanDiegoFlagstaff.jpg (181003 bytes)

Tip 1: Unadulterated airflow at high speed in overwhelming heat (over 110F) will suck the life out of you (your perspiration is blown away before it can cool you through evaporation). I switched over to the finer mesh of the First Gear Kilimanjaro Air jacket and love it. No wind or sun burn on the arms. Good airflow above 30MPH; plenty of air to activate my evaporation vest. 

P9070005.JPG (83390 bytes)
With books on CD and plenty
of water, Lisa is prepared 
for a long day
P9070006.JPG (118110 bytes)
Andy proves the 
worthiness of the MRA 
Vario screen as he 
makes it to El Centro 
with not one aphid 
hitting his helmet!
P9070008.JPG (88188 bytes)
The crew accepts an invitation 
from the Border Patrol to use 
the secondary inspection area 
to hydrate and recharge 
evaporation vests
P9070009.JPG (74046 bytes)
A few stats from a lonely 
desert outpost
P9070014.JPG (71071 bytes)
Micheal and Patricia take a 
late morning stretch
IMG_2804.jpg (116817 bytes)
IKEA Sheepskins tied down 
with flat bungees were the 
hit of the trip
(photo Andy)
P9070015.JPG (150862 bytes)
The charm of old Prescott
P9070020.JPG (102619 bytes)
The V-Stroms grace a 
local bike shop with their 
presence, where Andy 
makes attempt number 
two to fix Patricia's 
ailing helmet screen
IMG_0679.jpg (68542 bytes)
Patricia considers finishing
the day in this contraption
(photo Michael)
P9070026.JPG (84968 bytes)
Jerome and her wavy, 
crooked structures
P9070031.JPG (76036 bytes)
A view of Sedona as the day 
grows short
P9070032.JPG (52016 bytes)
Darkness fell as a we finished 
our climb out of Oak Creek 

P9070035.JPG (95631 bytes)
Everyone and everything tucked 
in after a long successful run

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