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May/June 2007 "Ride to Skagway" - Cheney to Ainsworth Hot Springs
Day 7

Highway 3A

Cheney WA
Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC

Day 7, Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Left Lisa's sister's house, stopped by to visit parents before leaving on our trip. Craig fixed Mom's computer so she could get her email. Left there at 9:30 am, headed toward Coeur D'Alene, then north. Rainy and cool. Perfect riding weather. Beautiful country! Had lunch at a Subway Sandwich Shop in Sandpoint. Then, we drove on to the border of Canada/USA. The lady agent at the border crossing asked how long we expected to stay, what we both did for a living, very friendly, as well as the usual "any weapons, fruit, vege's, pepper spray" stuff. Every lake we've seen has been spectacular, blue and deep and so large they resemble the sea.

We got to Kootenay Lake and took a ferry across. It was the Osprey 2000, and very nice. They had coffee for sale, and I had to have a cup. The view from the inside deck was so breathtaking.

We met two other motorcyclists - father and son on a trip; son, Jody, from Edmonton, and father, Mel, from Saskatoon, Saskatoon riding Yamaha and Suzuki cruisers.

They led us to a great motel called the Ainsworth Motel. It is right next door to an amazing Hot Springs. We changed into bathing suits and headed over, paid $15 to swim. The springs are inside a cave like tunnel with stalactites intact, but with a paved floor. Spectacular! The water was 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a cold pool at 47 degrees immediately next to the Hot Springs pool. And, there was a larger swimming pool that was 97 degrees. All overlook Lake Kootenay. The dinner was equally fabulous, very gourmet. It's rainy, but very nice for swimming in hot water. My boots (the AlpineStar Web boots I got just before the trip) work great so far.

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