11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 6 Lander, WY
West Yellowstone, MT

ODO 281.7 mi
GPS 274.0 mi
DRV 5:51 H:M
AVG 46.7 MPH

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Guess where I am

[Lisa] We left Landers to see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. There was some construction on the road near Dubois and we were waved to the front of the line by the flagman. There was another motorcyclist in the front, as well, so we rode together behind the pilot vehicle. Up until lunch, we had a riding buddy! 

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Did your picture turn out? Triumph we shared the road with off and on to the Tetons.

[Lisa] We arrived at the Grand Teton Park , which stand so stark against the sky that it took my breath away. The contrast of snow on the dark mountains with the deep blue sky in the background was beautiful. I understood "purple mountains majesty" very well from seeing this sight. We saw a huge lake, with lots of birds around it. We crossed the Continental Divide 8 times!

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The Grand Tetons!!

[Lisa] We had lunch at the Grand Teton Park , including some yummy soup! It was a nice, leisurely break. The Tetons are magnificent! 

[Lisa] We left after lunch and drove through Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone. We were planning to do a dirt road across the area between the parks to West Yellowstone (via Ashton, ID), but it was closed for bear mamas and babies. Best to leave them to do their thing without interference!. 

[Lisa] So, we went back to the main road. We saw 6 Sandhill Crane! We saw a frozen lake. We drove past great canyons and rivers, and lots of bison and elk, and maybe young moose, and one bear on a hillside. It was magical. 

[Lisa] We stopped to see Old Faithful . It was like the whole park was relatively empty, and then we found the big parking lot and all the people. Still, it was amazing to see the geyser go off! We drove a round the Upper and Lower Geyser Plateau, and saw the red hot waterfalls. We saw a beautiful raging river, more bison, and even a bald eagle! 

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Lisa by Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park (MT)

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An intriguing warning sign about geysers. Wildlife at Yellowstone National Park.

[Lisa] The eagle was a parent sitting on a nest. This was so exciting! Craig handed me the camera, turned and around, and I was supposed to take the photo of the eagle (you couldn't stop along the road). However it was a bit difficult with gloves so only one of the 6 photos I took had the eagle even in the photo. Good enough? 

[Lisa] We stayed in West Yellowstone at a adorable motel called the One Horse Inn. It was just splendid! We walked to the main street for dinner and a special ice cream treat. What a great day!

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