11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 7 West Yellowstone, MT
Helena, MT
Priest Pass, MT
Stemple Pass, MT
Lincoln, MT
Seeley Lake, MT

ODO 311.3 mi
GPS 302.0 mi
DRV 7:21 H:M
AVG 41.0 MPH

lincoln.jpg (98172 bytes)

58 dirt miles

[Lisa] We drove north out of West Yellowstone and across Montana for the day.  It was so beautiful!  There were farms with cattle or wheat as far as the eye could see, with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains .  What a beautiful sight!

[Lisa] I was having a coffee craving, so we stopped at a local shop for espresso and split a cinnamon roll.  Delicious!  

p5250853e.jpg (128960 bytes) 
Lisa finds hope again!

[Lisa] There was a long area of road construction near Eustis (MT) that took about another half an hour to get through.  We enjoyed the break and saw nice scenery.  

[Lisa] We saw lots of birds: Canada Geese, Yellow-headed blackbirds, Robins, and a variety of wildflowers: crocus, lotus, lupin, clematis, and Johnny Jump-ups.  There were butterflies galore, and areas with aspen trees that whispered in the breeze.  It was so lovely.  There were a few horses and cows, and even llamas along the way.  In one town we saw a cow peering around the "Elect so&so for Sheriff" sign! 

[Lisa] Helena was our stop for lunch.  I was in line at Hardy's to order lunch, when an old man asked me what was in my pack (pointing to my water).  I replied, "Water"  He said, "So you don't have to go to a bar for a drink?"  I told him it had water.  He said, "City water?"  I told him we were traveling, so it was whatever came out of the tap.

[Lisa] We decided to try a 60 mile dirt road section of the Continental Divide that Craig had downloaded GPS tracks for from ADVrider.com  WOW!  We saw lots of farms at first.  Then, we saw the remains of a dozen or more log cabins and various mine ruins.  Very cool!  

p5250857e.jpg (223045 bytes) p5250866e.jpg (229770 bytes) 
Priest Pass Road and further up along the Continental Divide (MT). 

p5250868e.jpg (145250 bytes) p5250874e.jpg (101110 bytes) p5250878e.jpg (110025 bytes)
Dog Creek and other scenes along the backroads between Helena and Lincoln (MT)

[Lisa] We stopped in Lincoln to fill the tires on the motorcycle. Near Clearwater we were advised by the owner of the gas station about staying in Seeley Lake and they even called to see if there were any rooms available for us.


[Lisa] The lake area was lush and green with the sent of pines in the air.  We had a good nights sleep and were ready for more riding the next day!

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