11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 14
Soldier Meadows, NV
Gerlach, NV
Sparks, NV

ODO 168.4 mi
GPS 163.0 mi
DRV 3:36 H:M
AVG 45.3 MPH


FieldsReno.jpg (172470 bytes)

46 dirt miles

Also REF: 
for GPS tracks

[Lisa] We said good bye to our new friends on the ranch, and headed south toward Reno. The road was CONSIDERABLY better. It was flat and well graded. We drove past a big dry lake, but didn't see "Burning Man". Bummer. There was a sign that had various license plates nailed up, as well as an alien head made from a wig form that was painted green. It was really funny!

p6011037e.jpg (144340 bytes) p6011038e.jpg (188290 bytes)
This collection of license plates (apparently shaken off vehicles on this road) 
is by the junction for the Little Joe Opal Mine. More wildlife along the way.

p6011040e.jpg (84581 bytes) p6011042e.jpg (135408 bytes)
Morman Dan Canyon. DL650 getting some TLC at the 
end of 100+ dirt miles. Brush off and loob the chain. 
Check for punctures and add a little air to the tires. 
You can see my little PVC stand to save on weight 
and add ground clearance.

p6011043e.jpg (95671 bytes) p6011044e.jpg (29991 bytes)
Arriving in Sparks. Room "It goes to 11", plus "the answer, etc."

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