11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 5 Craig, CO
Lander, WY

ODO 260.0 mi
GPS 253.0 mi
DRV 4:24 H:M
AVG 57.4 MPH

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[Lisa] Today we left Craig and headed through Wyoming. We stopped in Craig at a sign that said " Center of Craig " to get a photo of the one and only! This is an adorable town!

[Craig] One thing I find difficult to convey, is what an experience it is to drive through foreboding weather conditions. The camera is usually put away, and by the time the weather breaks enough to stop to get it out the sprinkles or ominous clouds that consumed you are not quite the same. This was one of those mornings. Light drizzle, but quiet and peaceful.

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[Lisa] The geography was changing rapidly as we crossed into Wyoming . It was surreal in some places, where large, rambling badlands style homes were built on the very top of narrow buttes overlooking the highway, then further down the road there was a very mid-west looking housing development. And, the hills were at the edges of the badlands and the mountains, so, unlike the foothills, they were flat on top. It was exciting to see the variety of places.

[Lisa] We head off toward Wyoming , and I could hear "Home on the Range" all day in my head. We see signs for the Pronghorn Antelope, and are thrilled to see them roaming along the fields adjacent to the highway! It's beautiful country.   

[Lisa] I've now finished Hillerman, and am listening to "Badlands " by Peter Bowen, another mystery writer. I've not listened to this author before, so it adds to the adventure. As it turns out, it was a good thing I had the audiobook.   

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Craig making this chains final adjustment at Muddy Gap Junction (MT)
Split Rock and the side winds that played with us along US-287 (MT)

[Lisa] It was a short day of riding. Craig had some problems with the chain and gave up on it in Lander. It had been making noise, and he realized that it needed to be replaced. So, for a few hours I sat in the showroom of R & R Motorsports of Lander, Wyoming while Craig worked with owner Steve Reed on the chain. Craig put in an extra travel day in case of emergency, and here it was!   

   p5230777e.jpg (116929 bytes)
My Dan Vesel skid plate helps
get the bike securely lifted.

[Lisa] The bookkeeper kindly offered to give me a ride to the Best Western to get a room, and I accepted. That way, I could relax in a nice cool hotel room while Craig and the mechanic finished off the motorcycle repairs.   

[Lisa] While waiting for the repairs, I'd asked some local shoppers where we should go for dinner. Definitely, we were told, go to the Hitching Rail. They have amazing seafood enchiladas. So, after returning from repairs, we hopped on the bike and headed to the restaurant.  We were not disappointed.

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