11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 2 Flagstaff, AZ
Monument Valley, AZ
Muley Point, UT
Farmington, NM

ODO 387.1 mi
GPS 377.0 mi
DRV 7:05 H:M
AVG 53.2 MPH

goosenecks.jpg (117846 bytes)

18 dirt miles

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Our first trek of the day was Monument Valley

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Lisa makes friends fast. Craig grabbing a break

[Lisa] We rode from Flagstaff to Farmington today.  I put "Dance Hall of the Dead" by Tony Hillerman on my iPod to listen to while riding in this part of the country.  Mood setter, as it were. The scenery was a total blast! We had a lot of time to stop and get photos, and to look at some of the beauty of this "land of enough sky."  It's amazing to see the earth in it's graceful form, without forest or brush, just rock and sand.

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The Moki Dugway on the
way to Muley Point (UT)

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p5200602e.jpg (76145 bytes) p5200607e.jpg (119191 bytes)
Scenes at Muley Point (UT)

[Lisa] We rode a great twisty road to view Muley Point.  What a view!  We saw the Goosenecks of the San Juan River, another fabulous twisty road with a twisty river at the end. Give me those twisties! 

p5200623e.jpg (167699 bytes) p5200622e.jpg (167588 bytes) p5200621e.jpg (163006 bytes)
Goosenecks of the San Juan River (UT)

[Lisa] I got hungry, so instead of heading all the way to Farmington, we left our mapped course and ate at "Twin Rocks Cafe".  It was astoundingly beautiful.  We had Navajo tacos.  The Navajo really know how to cook!  It took Craig 9 minutes to eat his, he was so hungry and liked it so much.

p5200627e.jpg (123136 bytes)
Twin Rocks Cafe
in Bluff, UT

[Lisa] Then, we got photos of Shiprock.  I've read all the Hillerman books, and he refers to Shiprock.  I had to see it, and Craig got some amazing photos. We pulled into Farmington and asked for directions to the motel.  The woman at the gas station was so nice!  She gave us directions and told us that she and her friends all did the Memorial Day ride on their Harleys.  Very cool!  Everyone we met in Farmington was so nice!

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Shiprock (NM) as seen from CO-41 and closer up off US-64

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"42" The Answer to Life, the
Universe, and Everything -
except why Craig's eyes are
so red!!

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