11 States and Reno Strom Gathering


May/June 2006 "11 State Ride" 
Day 3 Farmington, NM
Durango, CO
Silverton, CO
Animas Forks, CO
Ouray, CO

ODO 156.1 mi
GPS 152.0 mi
DRV 4:33 H:M
AVG 33.3 MPH

silverton.jpg (137891 bytes)

29 dirt miles

p5210643e.jpg (67098 bytes) p5210644e.jpg (116990 bytes)
Lisa finds hope. Hasta la Vista New Mexico

[Lisa] We said goodbye to New Mexico and headed into Colorado. Our goal was to go over the Cinnamon Pass. It's over 12,000 ft, and we'd just come from sea level, only a couple days earlier. First we stopped in Silverton for breakfast. I had strawberry pancakes. I was to find out later that it really IS a good idea to eat something sweet if there's a chance it will be making a "round trip"...

p5210649e.jpg (108225 bytes) p5210652e.jpg (84818 bytes) p5210654e.jpg (67099 bytes)
Breakfast, characters and signage around Silverton (CO)

[Lisa] We stopped in an old ghost town (Animas Forks, CO) and walked into a house that had a beautiful old bay window, but is now just a shell. This town is similar to Bodie (CA), however it's not as developed as a park. There was a lot of snow melting, and the roads were rough. We started up the road to the pass, and there was a sign with two arrows both pointing the same direction saying "Engineer Pass" "Cinnamon Pass".

p5210658e.jpg (67005 bytes) p5210664e.jpg (123444 bytes)
2UP4ADV arrives at Animas Forks (CO)

[Lisa] So, we went for it. But, as we got over 11,000 feet, I started to really feel all swollen and green. In fact, I was getting all swollen and green. By 11,800, I had been beat by the altitude, and asked Craig to pull over. Then, I really started to feel poorly, and he suggested that we sit and adjust for a while.

  p5210670e.jpg (75554 bytes) p5210671e.jpg (137701 bytes) p5210682e.jpg (116737 bytes)
At 11,800 feet, signs that a reassessment of the route is in order.

[Lisa] Okay, we gave it almost an hour. I was getting more and more misaligned in the head, and my stomach had decided to make sure it was good and empty. That was it for Craig, and we turned the bike around and headed down. I vaguely remember seeing other folks in a parking lot, as well as seeing a beaver den. And, I think there were a couple of small dogs. It was 10,000 feet before I felt real again. So, again, "where the plan fails, the adventure begins..."

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Heading back down but always time to check out the wildlife

p5210708e.jpg (146193 bytes)
Two hard working engines
compare notes in Silverton (CO)

[Lisa] We pulled into Ouray. What an astounding place! I have seen many kinds of majestic beauty, and this is one of the top 10! Ouray is nestled in a basin in the San Juan Mountains on the southern end of the Colorado Rockies. We stayed in the Best Western there, and enjoyed a wonderful soak in their indoor natural hot springs! We at Prime Rib for dinner. We did some laundry in the hotel washer/dryer while Craig used the complimentary computer to check the V-Strom chat about our upcoming gathering in Reno! We slept really well.

p5210712e.jpg (151778 bytes) p5210716e.jpg (89036 bytes) 
Ouray is a humongous natural
amphitheater. Good eats downtown!

[Lisa] In the morning we had breakfast, also complimentary at the hotel, and the owner gave me a CD all about Ouray. This place is on my "Five Star Super Duper" list!

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