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p9300418e.jpg (122621 bytes) 09/28/05 - Wednesday - San Jose to San Vito
Our group of three started early to get a jump on weekday traffic;  San Jose is a bear during rush hour(s). We made good time climbing south out of Cartago and on to Cerro de la Muerte -- "The Mountain of Death". That sounds pretty ominous, but it's just another beautiful lush mountain road that makes up the Inter-American Highway (a section of the Pan-American Highway). There is a stretch of road near the peak where you can see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It turns out in fact, the only danger I faced on that road was dodging loose toll change coming out of Gordo's vest. Apparently I was in the way of some new fast-track toll paying device that only he knew about. Let me tell you, 100 Colon coins bounce pretty well given enough speed!

After the turn in Paso Real (to get to San Vito) our nice road really went to pieces. Costa Rica has some beautiful stretches of well maintained roads, but more often than not they are a ribbon of weather beaten asphalt supporting ravenous pot-holes. The weather held unexpectedly well for the day as we arrived in San Vito before the afternoon rains. I thought of Lisa as we crossed over Rio Java, just before entering San Vito. She would've wanted to stop to see if it tasted like coffee.

250+ Km for the day.
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(Panama, Neily)

p9280333.jpg (95606 bytes)
I almost never get this for 
breakfast at home
(near Ojo de Agua)
InterAmerican.jpg (135122 bytes)
Somewhere along the 
Inter-American Highway
p9280335.jpg (100283 bytes)
Viewing the Pacific Ocean 
near Cerro de la Muerte
p9280338.jpg (80405 bytes)
Cross the road and see 
the Caribbean Sea!
p9280348.jpg (157042 bytes)
I love these grated bridges 
you can look down through
(Rio Grande de Térraba)
p9280349.jpg (114424 bytes)
I like to ride these bridges 
standing up and glance 
down during the cross over
SanVito.jpg (133519 bytes)
San Vito and her surrounds
p9280356.jpg (95068 bytes)
Perhaps we should have 
 lawyers like this in the States!

Next: San Vito to Domincal (Panama, Neily)

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