Poas Volcano 

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San Jose to Poas Volcano - 7/9/05

P7090132e.jpg (174208 bytes)
Target - Vulcan Poas

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Topographic map

P7090136e.jpg (223429 bytes)
Brazilian manufactured 
Honda NX4 Falcons 
pose for a Waterfall
photo-op along the way
rfcpoas1929d.jpg (56751 bytes)
The transportation my grandfather 
used to get to Poas in 1929
P7090155e.jpg (161286 bytes)
Maybe they should just 
warn us if the road ever
goes straight!!
P7090148e.jpg (244668 bytes)
Andy negotiates a steep 
tight hairpin turn

P7090180e.jpg (260421 bytes)
Craig by a really big leaf.

rfcpoas1929a.jpg (70685 bytes)
My grandfather 
Franklin by the crater
(wearing the hat)

P7090158e.jpg (162380 bytes)
Vulcan Poas is rarely 
ever this clear.

rfcpoas1929c.jpg (66878 bytes)
Poas in 1929

rfcpoas1929b.jpg (79535 bytes)
Poas has burped a few times since 
1929, but it's essentially the same!

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Botos Lagoon