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May/June 2007 "Ride to Skagway" - Garberville to Sonoma
Day 21

Stewarts Point 
Skaggs Spring Rd

Garberville, CA
Sonoma, CA


Day 21, Tuesday, June 19, 2007 

Joyous day! We woke up in the Redwood Forest! We started the ride through more Redwoods and on our way to pick up CA-1 down the coast. Something told me that this would be one of those Perfect Days!

First, we went to the drive through tree in 
Leggett. I know, kitschy, but I loved it!

The fragrance of the Redwood forest in the spring is so fresh and the trees are amazing. I'm in awe. From Leggett to the coast we didn’t get backed up behind any cars… we had perfect timing to enjoy this section of spectacular road. Just as neared the coast we saw a doe and her baby, running across the road in front of us. Fortunately someone was in the pull-out, so Craig had already slowed down a bit to gauge what they were up to. The baby was so adorable! It was amazing to see this sight!

From there, we went through areas of forest and coastline of breathless beauty. We took a quick pass through Mendocino. Mendocino is such a cute town on the bluffs. It has so much charm!

Then we stopped for a quick lunch at 
a deli in a town called "Little River".

We met Vince near Sea Ranch and he took us on one of the most fantastic roads - right up there with Whistler's adventuresome road. It was called Stewarts Point / Skaggs Spring Road: rough twisties at the beginning and wonderfully smooth curves at the end… all with awesome views along the way – a perfect ride that continued as Vince took us the back way into Sonoma.

What an amazing and beautiful area. Wineries, unique architecture that fit the surroundings -- a very peaceful character. We met Vince's brother-in-law, Jim, and shared a cup of coffee at his home. We stayed in a comfortable guesthouse on the property adjacent to the winery. It was once a chicken coop, however there is no sign of that now. We went out to a Thai Restaurant, and then returned for a peaceful and restful sleep in the middle of a vineyard. We shared a lot of laughs and friendship. I was touched by this generosity and kindness by Vince and Jim.

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